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Choosing the Right Brush

A high-quality brush holds more paint, leaves fewer brush marks and applies the paint in a smoother, more even coat. There are two basic brush types:

Synthetic Bristles

Made from nylon, polyester or a mixture of the two. This type of brush can be used for all types of latex and oil based paints and stains.

Natural Bristles

Made from natural hair, China bristles are great for oil base paints and stains, varnishes and lacquers. They are not a good choice for latex or water-based paints or stains as they can lose their shape and form.

Paint Brush and Cans
1” – 2 1/2” Brush 1” – 2 1/2” Brush

Works well for trim, corners and tight spots.

3” – 4” Brush 3” – 4” Brush

Works well for trim, corners and tight spots.

Angle Sash Brush Angle Sash Brush

Bristles are cut on an angle. This type of brush works best for cutting in around trim, windows doors and ceilings. They are also more precise.

FlatBrush Flat Brush

Bristles are cut straight and are used for broader surfaces.

Choosing the Right Roller

Paint Roller

A quality roller cover will pick up and release more paint, reduce spattering and reduce lint. Cheap rollers will shed their fabric leaving you with a wall full of roller fibers and fuzz.

Microfiber - Holds more paint to cover more in less time.

Woven - Distributes paint evenly for a smooth, even finish and best coverage.

Knit - Evenly distributes paint for better coverage.

WThe right nap for the job. The nap of a roller cover refers to the thickness of the fabric. The rougher the surface being painted, the longer the nap needs to be. Industry standards recommend:

1/4” For painting smooth surfaces like drywall.

3/8” For previously painted walls.

3/8” – 1/2” For painting plastered walls or textured or acoustical ceiling tile.

3/4” – 1 1/4” For stucco, brick and rough new wood.